inezco says:

Just read your review for The Town and I agree that it was a damn shame that the only nomination it received was for Best Supporting Actor. I LOL'd at your "Ben Affleck can write!?" comment because didn't he win an Oscar for co-writing Good Willing Hunting? Haha, but anyways yeah Affleck's had a real career resurgence ever since he directed the fantastic Gone Baby Gone (have you seen that one?).

It IS a shame, isn’t it?! It really deserved a lot more recognition than it got.

Haha… well yes, Affleck did win an Oscar with Matt Damon for writing ‘Good Will Hunting – but half of my sarcasm was probably a reference to the rumors/speculation as to whether Affleck wrote much or whether either wrote any of it at all. The other half of my sarcasm is due to the fact that I pretty much stopped taking Affleck seriously after ‘Bennifer’ and Gigli. Although you’re right and I have to admit, he has exceeded my expectations lately with The Town and Gone Baby Gone – yes! I have seen it and I LOVED it. If you’re so inclined, you may read my review here.

Anywayyy, thanks again for reading my blog and for the comments - and for The Bourne Legacy trailer! :D

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