Life’s Too Short

Believe it or not, I do realize that I’ve been super slacking with keeping up my blog. Well, it’s not so much that I’m slacking… When I returned from vacation, I had been fully intending to jump back into movie watching, followed by movie blogging. In fact, I’d even had a list of movies queued up on Netflix. Unfortunately, both expected and unexpected things just kept coming up including work, deadlines, birthdays, the holidays, holiday party after holiday party, more work, and more deadlines. It’s been tough to just come home and relax after a long day of working a full day plus overtime, especially when you’ve got to log back in as soon as dinner is over. In fact, the first Netflix disc that arrived after my vacation still remains on the TV shelf unopened! I’m not making excuses here… just venting, I guess.

Anyway, I luckily had a chance for a night off from work last night, and spent it by going to dinner and catching up with my dear friend Kat, and afterwards joined by her other half, Chripher. It was a much needed night of relaxation and laughter.

Among the things we talked about was this excerpt from BBC’s Life’s Too Short that Chripher had mentioned that he’d posted on his Facebook a few days before. In it, Liam Neeson approaches Ricky Gervais, Stephen Merchant and Warwick Davis stating that he now wants more than just to be a dramatic actor – he wants to branch out into comedy! Turns out the clip ended up being much funnier than I had anticipated.

Now check it out… ‘cause life’s too short to not laugh! :)

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  1. inezco said: Have you seen the Johnny Depp one? Equally hilarious haha
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